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The following is a complete listing of Dr. Bruice’s research. Because the work is extensive (over 540 publications) and spans six decades, the catalog is presented by date and topic. There are two versions of each list: one in web-format (HTML) and the other in printer friendly Acrobat-format (PDF). A few selected publications are also available in PDF-format. All red-PDF links will open a new window. See the More Info page for viewing PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
By Date (PDF of all years)-size 246k
1950-69 (HTML)
1970-79 (HTML)
1980-89 (HTML)
1990-99 (HTML)
2000-Present (HTML)

By Topic (27 topics, 7 sub-topics)
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  Books (HTML) (PDF)
  Acetal Hydrolysis and Lysozyme (HTML) (PDF)
  Acyl Transfer from Esters (HTML) (PDF)
Aminolysis, Imidizole Catalysis, Alcoholysis, -CO2- Attack
Intramolecular Models, efficiency of enzyme catalysis
ElcB & Types, Electrostatic
The Gem Effect
O-acyl Isoureas & Biotin
Metal Ion Catalysis
  Acyl Transfer Reactions Involving Thiol Esters (HTML) (PDF)
  Alpha Effect (HTML) (PDF)
  Apparent pKa' (HTML) (PDF)
  Arene oxides, K-Region Oxides and Epoxides Reactions (HTML) (PDF)
  Carbon Acid Ionization (HTML) (PDF)
  Catalysis in Ice and Water (HTML) (PDF)
  Chemiluminescence (HTML) (PDF)
  Chiral Recognition of Prochiral Center (HTML) (PDF)
  Computational Chemistry and Enzymology (HTML) (PDF)
  Dihydropyridines and dehydrogenases enzymes (HTML) (PDF)
  Flavin Chemistry and Catalysis (HTML) (PDF)
  Iron-sulfur Clusters Fe4S4(SR)4 and Ferredoxins (HTML) (PDF)
  Methoxatin, PQQ and Related ortho-quinones (HTML) (PDF)
  Micelle Catalysis (HTML) (PDF)
  Nucleotide Analogs and Phosphate Esters- Materials (HTML) (PDF)
  Orbital Steering (HTML) (PDF)
  Organomercurials, hydrolysis of (HTML) (PDF)
  Porphyrins (HTML) (PDF)
  Pyridoxal and 3-hydroxypyridine-4-aldehyde (HTML) (PDF)
  Sulfenic Acids (HTML) (PDF)
  Tetranitromethane, Nitration Mechanism (HTML) (PDF)
  Thiamine (HTML) (PDF)
  Thyroxine (HTML) (PDF)
  Miscellaneous (HTML) (PDF)