Bioactive Peptides

    The following biologically relevant peptides were studied (structure and/or hydration):

    • Bradykinin (plasma polypeptide)
    • LHRH (hypothalamic hormone) [2]
      • structure
      • hydration
    • Neurotensin (gastrointestinal hormone)
      • hydration [2]
    • Oxytocin (pituitary hormone) [3]
    • Amyloid β-peptide (extracellular protein involved in Alzheimer's disease) [4]
      • structure and early stages of aggregation

References and comments:

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  2. Hydration of bradykinin and LHRH was studied by experiment and molecular modeling. Results are briefly discussed in the context of zwitterions on our zwitterion web page. Experimental hydration results on bradykinin, LHRH, and neurotensin and some aspects of the modeling results on bradykinin and LHRH are covered in the following two publications.

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