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Professor Stucky has been associated with the following companies
BIOSYM Computational chemistry software company; its Catalysis and Sorption Project was begun by John Newsam, Tony Cheetham, Richard Catlow, and Galen Stucky in the late 1980s. The company was sold to Corning in 1992, merged with MSI in 1995, merged with Synopsys and Oxford Molecular Group in 2000 to become Accelrys.
Gas Reaction Technologies (GRT) In 1998, as a follow-up to reports by the Stucky group on new transition metal and main group zeotype synthesis, Stucky was asked by Dr. Jeffrey Sherman, representing an investors group, to collaborate on tackling the problem of methane and stranded natural gas conversion to gasoline and liquid petrochemical products as part of a Sponsored Research Project with UCSB (more details). The startup company, Gas Reaction Technologies, was formed in 1999. The research is being continued by a successor company, Reaction35.
High Throughput Experimentation (hte) hte is a leading provider of technology and services for enhancing research and development productivity, in particular in the areas of catalysis, material science and formulations. hte is a Heidelberg-based company started by two ex-postdocs of the Stucky Group: Ferdi Schüth and Dirk Demuth. The company now has more than 120 employees and it was recently sold (75%) to BASF.
SBA Materials Founded in 1998 with faculty colleagues Bradley F. Chmelka and Daniel E. Morse
Some companies started by former group members
Nanosys, Inc. Peidong Yang was a founder of Nanosys in 2001. The company's quantum dot technology is used in displays for tablets, TVs and smartphones that are thin, light, bright, and colorful.
Cambrios Technologies Cambrios was founded in 2002 by Angela Belcher and Evelyn Hu. Their vision relied upon the use of nanostructured inorganic material, fabricated and shaped by biological molecules to create novel materials and processes for a variety of industries. The company sells formulations of silver nanowires that are optimized to work with widely-used coating and printing processes to create high-quality transparent conductive layers.
Clinical Imaging Analytics Clinical Imaging Analytics provides quantitative analysis and creates illustrative visualizations to support and advance medical device development throughout all phases: Research & Development, Clinical, and Commercial. The company has provided review and analysis of x-ray, fluoroscopy, and CT/MR image data since it was founded in 2006 by John H. Harreld.
Panavation Panavation is a Santa Barbara-based consulting firm with wet-lab facilities and access to world-class analytic equipment, specializing in innovative and ROI-generating solutions to real industrial problems. It was founded in 2006 by Michael Wyrsta.
Calchemist Calchemist provides scientific research, contract manufacturing, and consulting services in solid state, inorganic, and materials. The company was founded in 2007 by Marc Schrier and Mihai Buretea.
Siluria Technologies Founded in 2008 by Angela Belcher and Alex Tkachenko, Siluria’s technology uses a catalytic process to directly convert natural gas into liquid fuels or petrochemical building blocks.
Alphabet Energy Matthew L. Scullin and Peidong Yang founded Alphabet Energy in 2009. It's mission is to "enable the production of inexpensive electricity from any heat source, anywhere", using advances in thermoelectric materials for waste heat recovery.
Zeo-Innov Founded in 2009 by Jie Fan and his colleagues, the company is developing a new generation bio-inorganic dressing to treat life-threatening external hemorrhage.
NanoSeedz Founded in 2010 by Jianfang Wang and his students, NanoSeedz focuses on the production of high-quality, high-performance plasmonic metal nanoparticles and related products, as well as the development of their practical applications.
Lixivia Michael Wyrsta and Zachary Komon founded Lixivia in 2012. It is a venture-backed company that is focused on hydrometallurgy.
Nanonov Nanonov uses a combinatorial approach to discover catalysts or other functional materials based on ink-jet printing technology. Founded in 2014 by Jie Fan, the company is now developing catalysts for oxidative methane coupling.
Cayuga Biotech The company is developing a commercially viable nanotherapeutic drug to treat both internal and external hemorrhage. It was founded in 2015 by Damien Kudela, Scott Hammond, and Kyle Ploense.