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Welcome to the Thomas C. Bruice Research Group


Located on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, our research group specializes in both computational and synthetic bioorganic chemistry. On the following pages you'll find information about our research, current and past, a complete listing of all publications, and a section about the group members and their research interests.

Dr. Bruice's Biographical Page contains his professional positions as well as honors and awards.

Selected publications are available for download in PDF-format (these are indicated by a PDF-link and will open a new window). In order to view the selected papers you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. This site has been designed for both 800x600 and 1024x768 monitor resolutions (with more than 256 colors) and is best viewed using Internet Explorer. For more information on these programs or help viewing this site, click here.


Recent Publications (553 total publications as of August 2004):

544. Challa, H. & Bruice, T. C., Deoxynucleic Guanidine: Synthesis and incorporation of purine nucleosides into positively charged DNG oligonucleotides. Bioorganic & Med. Chem. Lett., 2004, 12, 1475-1481.

545. Hur, S. & Bruice, T. C., Transition state stabilization by general acid catalysis, water expulsion and enzyme reorganization in Medieago sativa Chalcone isomerase. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2004, 101, 2730-2735.

546. Kahn, K. and Bruice, T. C.. Systematic convergence of energies to basis set and treatment of electron correlation: focal point conformational analysis of methanol. Theor. Chem. Acc. 2004, 111, 18-24.

547. Reddy, S. Y. & Bruice, T. C., Mechanism of glucose oxidation by quinoprotein soluble glucose dehydrogenase: Insights from MD studies. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2004, 126, 2431-2438. PDF, Supporting Information

548. Reddy, P.M. and Bruice, T.C., Solid-Phase Synthesis of Positively Charged Deoxynucleic Guanidine (DNG) Tethering a Hoechst 33258 Analogue: Triplex and Duplex Stabilization by Simultaneous Minor Groove Binding. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126, 3736-3747. PDF, Supporting Information

549. Mazumder, D., Kahn, K. & Bruice, T. C., Structural alterations of the thermophilic indole glycerol phosphate synthase with temperature. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2004, 126, 5936-5937.

550. Szabo, I. & Bruice, T. C., DNG Cytidine: Synthesis and binding properties of octomeric guanidinium-linked deoxycytidine oligomer. Bioorganic & Med. Chem., 2004, 12, 4233-4244.

551. Reddy, M. P., Dexter, R. & Bruice, T.C., DNA sequence recognition in the minor groove by hairpin pyrrole polyamide-Hochst 33258 analog conjugate. Bioorganic & Med. Chem. Lett., 2004, 14, 3803-3807.

552. Moebitz, H. & Bruice, T.C., Multiple substrate binding states and chiral recognition in cofactor-independent Glutamate racemase: A molecular dynamic study. Biochemistry, 2004, 43, 9685-9694.

553. Reddy, S.Y. & Bruice, T.C., Review: Determination of enzyme mechanisms by molecular dynamic studies on quinoproteins, methanol dehydrogenase and soluble glucose dehydrogenase, Protein Science, 2004, 13, 1965-1978. PDF

554. Reddy, S.Y. & Bruice, T.C., Mechanisms of ammonia activation and ammonium ion inhibition of quinoprotein methanol dehydrogenase: A computational approach. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 2004, 101(45), 15887-15892. PDF


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