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Zhixun Wang†, Corrado Nicolini‡, Cedric Hervieu†, Yuk-Fai Wong†, Giuseppe Zanoni*‡, and Liming Zhang*† " Remote Cooperative Group Strategy Enables Ligands for Accelerative Asymmetric Gold Catalysis" J. Am. Chem. Soc. , ASAP[Link]


Xingguang Li†‡, Zhixun Wang†, Xu Ma†, Pei-nian Liu*‡, and Liming Zhang*† " Designed Bifunctional Phosphine Ligand-Enabled Gold-Catalyzed Isomerizations of Ynamides and Allenamides: Stereoselective and Regioselective Formation of 1-Amido-1,3-dienes" Organic Letters , 2017,19, 5744-5747 [Link]


Xiaoqing Li†‡ , Shengrong Liao†, Zhixun Wang†, and Liming Zhang*† " Ligand-Accelerated Gold-Catalyzed Addition of in Situ Generated Hydrazoic Acid to Alkynes under Neat Conditions" Organic Letters , 2017,19, 3687-3690 [Link]


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Zhixun Wang‡, Anguo Ying†‡, Zili Fan, Cedric Hervieu, and Liming Zhang* "Tertiary Amino Group in Cationic Gold Catalyst: Tethered Frustrated Lewis Pairs That Enable Ligand-Controlled Regiodivergent and Stereoselective Isomerizations of Propargylic Esters" ACS catalysis, 2017, 7 , 3676-3680 [Link]


Nan Li, Xiao-Lei Lian, Yu-Hui Li, Tian-Yi Wang, Zhi-Yong Han, Liming Zhang, and Liu-Zhu Gong "Gold-Catalyzed Direct Assembly of Aryl-Annulated Carbazoles from 2-Alkynyl Arylazides and Alkynes" Org. Let., 2016, 18 , 4178–4181 [Link]


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Zhou Xu, Hongyi Chen, Zhixun Wang, Anguo Ying, and Liming Zhang "One-Pot Synthesis of Benzene-Fused Medium-Ring Ketones: Gold Catalysis-Enabled Enolate Umpolung Reactivity" J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 5515–5518 [Link]


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73   Yanzhao Wang, Zhixun Wang, Yuxue Li, Gongde Wu, Zheng Cao and Liming Zhang "A general ligand design for gold catalysis allowing ligand-directed anti-nucleophilic attack of alkynes" Nature Communications, 2014, 5, 3470 [Link]

72 Jiabin Li, Kegong Ji, Renhua Zheng, Jonathan Nelson and Liming Zhang "Expanding the horizon of intermolecular trapping of in situ generated α-oxo gold carbenes: efficient oxidative union of allylic sulfides and terminal alkynes via C–C bond formation" Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 4130-4133 [Link]

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69 Liming Zhang "A Non-Diazo Approach to α-Oxo Gold Carbenes via Gold-Catalyzed Alkyne Oxidation" Acc. Chem. Res., 2014, 47, 877-888 [Link]

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