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Youliang Wang, Maxence Zarca's paper titled "A C–H Insertion Approach to Functionalized Cyclopentenones" is now online!


Youliang Wang, Alexandre Genoux, Subir Ghorai, and Hongyi Chen's paper titled"Direct Conversion of Internal Alkynes into a-Iodoenones: One-Step CollaborativeIodination and Oxidation" is now online!


Zhou Xu, Hongyi Chen, Zhixun Wang, and Anguo Ying's paper titled "One-Pot Synthesis of Benzene-Fused Medium-Ring Ketones: Gold Catalysis-Enabled Enolate Umpolung Reactivity" is now online!


Zhitong Zheng, Zhixun Wang, and Youliang Wang's review paper titled "Au-Catalysed oxidative cyclisation" is now online!


Zhitong Zheng's paper titled "C–H insertions in oxidative gold catalysis: synthesis of polycyclic 2H-pyran-3(6H)-ones via a relay strategy" is now online!


Hongyi Chen's paper titled"A Desulfonylative Approach in Oxidative Gold Catalysis: Regiospecific Access to Donor-Substituted Acyl Gold Carbenes" is now online!

04/02/2015 Youliang Wang, Zhitong Zheng's paper titled "Intramolecular Insertions into Unactivated C(sp3)–H Bonds by Oxidatively Generated β-Diketone-α-Gold Carbenes: Synthesis of Cyclopentanones" is now online!

01/19/2015 Youliang Wang's paper titled "Recent Developments in the Chemistry of Heteroaromatic N-Oxides" is now online!

12/16/2014 Renhua Zheng, Youliang Wang's paper titled "Ruthenium-catalyzed rearrangement of propargyl sulfoxides: formation of α,β-unsaturated thioesters" is now online!

12/01/2014 Kegong Ji, Zhitong Zheng, Zhixun Wang's paper titled "Enantioselective Oxidative Gold Catalysis Enabled by a Designed Chiral P,N-Bidentate Ligand" is now online!

09/15/2014 Kegong Ji, Brendan D'Souza, Jon Nelson's paper titled "Gold-catalyzed oxidation of propargylic ethers with internal C–C triple bonds: Impressive regioselectivity enabled by inductive effect" is now online!

07/11/2014 Youliang Wang, Zhitong Zheng's paper titled "Ruthenium-Catalyzed Oxidative Transformations of Terminal Alkynes to Ketenes By Using Tethered Sulfoxides: Access to β-Lactams and Cyclobutanones" is now online!

07/09/2014 Our paper co-operated with Dr. Norbert Reich's group: Zhitong Zheng, Mollie Touve, and Josue Barnes' "Synthesis-Enabled Probing of Mitosene Structural Space Leads to Improved IC50 over Mitomycin C" is now online!

06/17/2014 Zhixun Wang, Yanzhao Wang's paper titled "Soft Propargylic Deprotonation: Designed Ligand Enables Au-Catalyzed Isomerization of Alkynes to 1,3-Dienes" is now online!

06/15/2014 Our group is selected as one of the 3000 research groups worldwide with high research impact! Congratulations to everyone! Link: http://highlycited.com/index.htm

04/20/2014 Gongde Wu, Renhua Zheng and Jonathan Nelson's paper titled "One-Step Synthesis of Methanesulfonyloxymethyl Ketones via Gold-Catalyzed Oxidation of Terminal Alkynes: A Combination of Ligand and Counter Anion Enables High Efficiency and a One-Pot Synthesis of 2,4-Disubstituted Thiazoles" is now online!

04/08/2014 Yanzhao Wang, Zhixun Wang, Yuxue Li, Gongde Wu and Zheng Cao's paper titled "A general ligand design for gold catalysis allowing ligand-directed anti-nucleophilic attack of alkynes" is now online!

03/20/2014 Jiabin Li, Kegong Ji, Renhua Zheng, Jonathan Nelson's paper titled "Expanding the horizon of intermolecular trapping of in situ generated α-oxo gold carbenes: efficient oxidative union of allylic sulfides and terminal alkynes via C–C bond formation" is now online!

03/02/2014 Our first cover page is online! Congratulations to Kegong and thanks for Zhixun's work on the cover art!

02/13/2014 Kegong Ji's paper titled "A non-diazo strategy to cyclopropanation via oxidatively generated gold carbene: The benefit of a conformationally rigid P,N-bidentate ligand" is now online!

01/31/2014 Zhitong Zheng, Hangfei Tu's paper titled "One-Pot Synthesis of Fused Pyrroles through a Key Gold-Catalysis-Triggered Cascade" is now online!

01/16/2014 Dr. Liming Zhang's paper titled "A Non-Diazo Approach to α-Oxo Gold Carbenes via Gold-Catalyzed Alkyne Oxidation" is now online!

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