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Scintag PAD-V Diffractometer Sign-up Form
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  1. Name: Enter your name or initials, up to 10 letters.

  2. This week or next week: Select which week you wish to sign up for diffractometer time.

  3. Request Time or Release Time: You either schedule diffractometer time or free-up diffractometer time that you are not able to use. Note: to free up diffractometer time, you must enter your name as it was entered to sign up for the time. For example, if I sign up for time using "WWL" as my name, I must use "WWL" and not "Wayne" as my name when I am freeing up time.

  4. Day: Just click on the proper radio button.

  5. Time: Click on the checkboxes to select the time slots you wish to sign up for or wish to release.

  6. Sign Me Up!: Hit this button when you have properly filled out the form. If you don't hit this button, your request will not be sent.

  7. Reset: Hit this button to reset the form to the default configuration.

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Scintag Rules

  1. Enter your name on the sign up form.

  2. You may sign up for up to 3 hours per day (overnight runs not included).

  3. You can sign up for up to 2 overnight runs per week.

  4. The grace period for using the diffractometer is 10 minutes. If the diffractometer is not being used 10 minutes after the beginnnig to the time slot, it is open for walk-in use.

  5. If the time slot is not scheduled, the diffractometer is open for walk-in use.

  6. Begin overnight runs as late as possible after 8 pm.

  7. If the instrument is left idle for 10 minutes after the end of a run, the next user may use it, or it may be used for walk-in use.

  8. DO NOT assume that the instrument is available if no one is present and no one is scheduled to use it. The instrument can be operated by remote login. To be sure no one is using the instrument, log onto SBXRAY and type "finger" if the process "NEWNXDS5" is running, the instrument is in use.

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