General Lab Info

Information for Current and Prospective Members

Are you new to our lab? Please read the following documents:

Plaxco check-in procedure

Plaxco LHAT instructions

Group Biohazard checklist

Looking for the important Safety documentation? Travel to our Group Safety Page (password protected).

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Group Responsibilities

Responsibility Person
Group Scheduling (Meetings & Clean-ups) Alejandro Ch.
Office Supply Ordering Gabi
Laboratory Supply Ordering Gabi
Website Jade
Lab Safety Officers Philippe & Sam
Biohazard Safety Officers  Shruti & Nate
Drug/DEA Compliance Officer Kyle
Tip Replacement & Autoclaving Julian & Rotation/Undergrads
Potentiostats Philippe & Sam
UV-Vis Spectrometer Andrea
HPLC Martin
FPLC Martin & Gabi
Autoclave Gabi
Incubators Gabi & Martin
Centrifuges & sonicators Gabi & Martin
CD & Stop Flow Martin
Lyophilizer Philippe & Gabi
Gel Running Station Gabi & Martin
Technology Officer Philippe
pH Meter & Balances Andrea
Water Carboys Undergrads & Rotation Students
Gas tanks Kyle
Animal Research Julien & Kyle