The Group in November 2018. Left to right: Maxx, Rachel, Shannon, Sam, Arunavo, Gab,  Anthony, Camden, Tim, Megan, Zongheng, Maddy, Jill. Missing: Clarissa.


Graduate Students

Education: Ph.D. student, UCSB, 2015-present

                    B.Sc., Lebanon Valley College (LVC), 2015

Hometown: Morgantown, PA

Bio: Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Tim worked under Dr. Marc Harris at LVC. He joined the group in July, 2015 and has been working on metal-main group cooperative reactivity. Tim is an avid swimmer and enjoys playing the piano in his free time.

Education: Ph.D. student, UCSB, 2016-present

                    B.Sc., Arizona State University, 2016

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Bio: Sam received his B.Sc. from ASU in 2016 where he worked under Dr. Gary Moore on solar fuels. In his spare time, Sam enjoys drinking freshly squeezed cantaloupe juice, going to brunch and playing hacky sack or soccer with friends.

Education: Ph.D. student, UCSB, 2015-present

                    B.Sc., California State University, Chico, 2015

Hometown: Chico, CA

Bio: A California native, Megan headed south to UCSB for graduate school having completed her B.Sc. at CSU Chico working under the supervision of Prof. Dave Ball. In her spare time, Megan enjoys backpacking and is a medal-winning snowboarder.

Education: Ph.D. student, UCSB, 2014-present

                    B.Sc., Utah State University, 2014

Hometown: Hanover, NH

Bio: Camden received his B.Sc. from Utah State in 2014 where he worked under Dr. Stephen E. Bialkowski. His current research is focused on developing phthalocyanine nitride complexes with tunable reactivity. In his spare time, Camden enjoys rock climbing and running.

Education: Ph.D. student, UCSB, 2016-present

                    B.Sc., University of Iowa, Iowa City, 2016

Hometown: Burnsville, MN

Bio: Maddy was not good with cold weather so she fled to California for graduate school. She enjoys hiking, tennis, nature, food, pooches, and chemistry.

Education: Ph.D. student, UCSB, 2017-present

                    B.Sc., Iowa State University, 2017

Hometown: Nanjing, China

Bio: Raised in Nanjing, China, Zongheng received his B.Sc. from Iowa State and worked as an undergraduate researcher in Profs. Levi Stanley and William Jenks's groups. In his spare time, Zongheng likes food, the gym, and traveling with friends to experience American culture.

Education: Ph.D. student, UCSB, 2016-present

                    B.Sc., UCSB, 2016

Hometown: Valencia, CA

Bio: Anthony came to UCSB from UCSB. Anthony likes hiking, tennis, nature, food, anime, and everything chemistry, especially cheesy chemistry jokes.


Undergraduate Students

Rachel Garwick


Education: B.Sc., UCSB, 2016-present

Hometown: La Verne, CA

Bio: Rachel is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry. She plays on the UCSB club water polo team and likes to hike, go to the beach, and swim in her free time.

Jill Kutrosky


Education: B.Sc., UCSB, 2016-present

Hometown: San Ramon, CA

Bio: Jill is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry. Jill loves beach runs, traveling, and all things corgi related.

Clarissa Olivar Magallanes


Education: B.A., UCSB, 2015-present

Hometown: Winnetka, CA

Bio: Clarissa is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry. During her spare time, Clarissa enjoys cooking vegetarian food, visiting her three little dogs, and watching a lot of Netflix.




Jiaxiang Chu, 2016-2018. Current position: Szymczak Group, UMich


Graduate students:

Chris Kirby, M.S., 2018


Undergraduate students:

Cassidy Anderson, 2017-2018

Spencer Baker, 2015

Nicole Delgado, 2015-2016

Amaani Desai, 2017

Kevin Guevara, 2018

Natalie Kashanchi, 2016-2017

Ruoshui (Louis) Li, 2017-2018

Ali Mahdi, 2017

Clayton Silva, 2016-2017

Yasmine Soliman, 2017


The Ménard Group is based in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9510

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