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Seaman LA, Pedrick EA, Tsuchiya T, Wu G, Jakubikova E, Hayton TW.  2013.  Comparison of the reactivity of 2-Li-C6H4CH2NMe2 with MCl4 (M=Th, U): isolation of a thorium aryl complex or a uranium benzyne complex. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 52(40):10589-92.
Assefa MK, Pedrick EA, Wakefield ME, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2018.  Oxidation of the 14-Membered Macrocycle Dibenzotetramethyltetraaza[14]annulene upon Ligation to the Uranyl Ion. Inorganic Chemistry. 57(14):8317–8324.
Pedrick EA, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2015.  Oxo Ligand Substitution in a Cationic Uranyl Complex: Synergistic Interaction of an Electrophile and a Reductant. Inorg Chem. 54(14):7038-44.
Pedrick EA, Wu G, Kaltsoyannis N, Hayton TW.  2014.  Reductive silylation of a uranyl dibenzoylmethanate complex: an example of controlled uranyl oxo ligand cleavage. Chem Sci. 5:3204-3213.
Pedrick EA, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2014.  Reductive silylation of the uranyl ion with Ph3SiOTf. Inorg Chem. 53(23):12237-9.
Pedrick EA, Seaman LA, Scott JC, Griego L, Wu G., Hayton TW.  2016.  Synthesis and Reactivity of a U(IV) Dibenzyne Complex. Organometallics. 35:494-502.
Pedrick EA, Hrobárik P, Seaman LA, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2016.  Synthesis, structure and bonding of hexaphenyl thorium(iv): observation of a non-octahedral structure. Chem Commun (Camb). 52(4):689-92.
Pedrick EA, Assefa MK, Wakefield ME, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2017.  Uranyl Coordination by the 14-Membered Macrocycle Dibenzotetramethyltetraaza[14]annulene. Inorganic Chemistry. 56(11):6638–6644.