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Gladfelder J, Ghosh S, Podunavac M, Cook AW, Ma Y, Woltornist RA, Keresztes I, Hayton TW, Collum DB, Zakarian A.  2019.  Enantioselective Alkylation of 2-Alkyl Pyridines Controlled by Organolithium Aggregation. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 141:15024-15028.
Ma Y, Stivala CE, Wright AM, Hayton TW, Liang J, Keresztes I, Lobkovsky E, Collum DB, Zakarian A.  2013.  Enediolate–Dilithium Amide Mixed Aggregates in the Enantioselective Alkylation of Arylacetic Acids: Structural Studies and a Stereochemical Model. J Am Chem Soc. 135:16853-16864.
Yu K, Lu P, Jackson JJ, Nguyen T-AD, Alvarado J, Stivala CE, Ma Y, Mack KA, Hayton TW, Collum DB et al..  2017.  Lithium Enolates in the Enantioselective Construction of Tetrasubstituted Carbon Centers with Chiral Lithium Amides as Noncovalent Stereodirecting Auxiliaries. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 139:527-533.
Wright AM, Zaman HT, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2014.  Mechanistic insights into the formation of N2O by a nickel nitrosyl complex. Inorg Chem. 53(6):3108-16.
Wright AM, Zaman HT, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2013.  Nitric oxide release from a nickel nitrosyl complex induced by one-electron oxidation. Inorg Chem. 52(6):3207-16.
Keener M, Mattejat M, Zheng S-L, Wu G, Hayton TW, Ménard G.  2022.  Selective electrochemical capture and release of uranyl from aqueous alkali, lanthanide, and actinide mixtures using redox-switchable carboranes. Chem. Sci.. 13:3369-3374.
Nguyen T-AD, Goldsmith BR, Zaman HT, Wu G, Peters B, Hayton TW.  2015.  Synthesis and characterization of a Cu14 hydride cluster supported by neutral donor ligands. Chem Eur J. 21(14):5341-4.