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Seaman LA, Pedrick EA, Tsuchiya T, Wu G, Jakubikova E, Hayton TW.  2013.  Comparison of the reactivity of 2-Li-C6H4CH2NMe2 with MCl4 (M=Th, U): isolation of a thorium aryl complex or a uranium benzyne complex. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 52(40):10589-92.
Staun SL, Stevens LM, Smiles DE, Goodwin CAP, Billow BS, Scott BL, Wu G, Tondreau AM, Gaunt AJ, Hayton TW.  2021.  Expanding the Nonaqueous Chemistry of Neptunium: Synthesis and Structural Characterization of [Np(NR2)3Cl], [Np(NR2)3Cl]−, and [NpN(R)(SiMe2CH2)2(NR2)]− (R = SiMe3). Inorganic Chemistry. 60:2740–2748.
Touchton AJ, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2020.  Generation of a Ni3 Phosphinidene Cluster from the Ni(0) Synthon, Ni(η3-CPh3)2. Organometallics. 39:1360–1365.
Cook AW, Bocarsly JD, Lewis RA, Touchton AJ, Morochnik S, Hayton TW.  2020.  An Iron Ketimide Single-molecule Magnet [Fe4(N=CPh2)6] with Suppressed Through-barrier Relaxation. Chem. Sci.. 11:4753-4757.
Hertler PR, Kautzsch L, Touchton AJ, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2022.  Metal–Metal-Bonded Fe4 Clusters with Slow Magnetic Relaxation. Inorganic Chemistry. 61:9997–10005.
Touchton AJ, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2021.  [Ni23Se12(PEt3)13] Revisited: Isolation and Characterization of [Ni23Se12Cl3(PEt3)10]. Inorganic Chemistry. 60:17586–17592.
Touchton AJ, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2022.  [Ni30S16PEt3)11]: an open-shell nickel sulfide nanocluster with a “metal-like” core. Chem. Sci.. 13:5171-5175.
Touchton AJ, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2021.  [Ni8(CNtBu)12][Cl]: A nickel isocyanide nanocluster with a folded nanosheet structure. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 154:211102.
Damon PL, Liss CJ, Lewis RA, Morochnik S, Szpunar DE, Telser J, Hayton TW.  2015.  Quantifying the Electron Donor and Acceptor Abilities of the Ketimide Ligands in M(N═CtBu2)4 (M = V, Nb, Ta). Inorg Chem. 54(20):10081-95.
Cinco MÁBaeza, Wu G, Telser J, Hayton TW.  2022.  Structural and Spectroscopic Characterization of a Zinc-Bound N-Oxyphthalimide Radical. Inorganic Chemistry. 61:13250–13255.
Cook AW, Jones ZR, Wu G, Teat SJ, Scott SL, Hayton TW.  2019.  Synthesis and Characterization of “Atlas-Sphere” Copper Nanoclusters: New Insights into the Reaction of Cu2+ with Thiols. Inorganic Chemistry. 58:8739-8749.
Touchton AJ, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2021.  Synthesis of Bis(trityl)iron(II) and Formation of the Iron(0)-Stabilized o,o-Isomer of Gomberg’s Dimer. Organometallics. 40:4045–4049.
Touchton AJ, Wu G, Hayton TW.  2021.  Understanding the Early Stages of Nickel Sulfide Nanocluster Growth: Isolation of Ni3, Ni4, Ni5, and Ni8 Intermediates. Small. 17:2003133.