Irene Chen, MD, PhD (biophysics)

Assistant Professor

chen at

Standing next to Stanley Miller’s original spark discharge apparatus (now boiling coffee grounds for Jeff Bada of UCSD)


Gregory Campbell

Graduate student (Biomolecular Sciences and Engineering)

gcampbell at

Baoqing Zhou

Graduate student (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

b_zhou at

Ranajay Saha, PhD (biophysics)

Postdoctoral fellow

rsaha at

Celia Blanco, PhD (physics)

Otis Williams Postdoctoral Fellow

cblanco at

Abe Pressman

Graduate student (Chemical Engineering)

abe_pressman at

Former lab members and last known whereabouts

Colin Kim (graduate school at MIT)

Brandon Malady (research assistant, UCSB)

Thomas Nguyen (UCSF Buck Institute)

D. Michael Devano (UCSB undergraduate)

Allison Tam (UCSB undergraduate)

Daniel Chu (NIH postbac program)

Shreyas Athavale (private high school, faculty)

Bradley Spicer (US Marine Corps)

Ervin Poorghasamians (UCSB undergraduate)

Jose Jimenez (University of Surrey, faculty)

Ramon Xulvi-Brunet (Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Ecuador; faculty)

Rebecca Turk-MacLeod (postdoc at ESPCI-ParisTech)

Nikola Ivica (MIT, PhD student)

Peter Freese (MIT, PhD student)

Sudha Rajamani (IISER Pune, assistant professor)

Kevin Leu (UCLA, MD-PhD student)

Julien Derr (University of Paris 7, assistant professor)

Alex Xu (Stanford, graduate student in Materials Science)

Pedro Vera (Harvard undergrad)

Abraham Lin (MGH radiology research)

Laura Villanueva (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, research scientist)

Kelley Harris (U. Washington, faculty)

Isaac Joseph (Agilent)

Weike Wang (Harvard undergrad)

Kezia Alexander (UMBC undergrad)

Self-assembled micelle

Evan Janzen

Graduate student (Biomolecular Sciences and Engineering)

evan.janzen at

Sam Verbanic

Graduate student (Biomolecular Sciences and Engineering)

samuel.verbanic at

Claire Tran

Graduate student (Biomolecular Sciences and Engineering)

ctran00 at

Link to Photo GalleryLab_Photos.html

Huan Peng, PhD (chemistry)

Postdoctoral fellow

hpeng at

Yuning Shen

Graduate student (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

yshen at

Jen Mobberley, PhD (microbiology and cell science)

Karp Discovery Postdoctoral Fellow

jmobberley at

Kelly Shi

Undergraduate student

kellyshi98 at

Nadine Wells

Undergraduate student

bnwells at

Ray Borg

Graduate student (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Co-advised with Arnab Mukherjee

rborg at

Josh Kenchel

Graduate student (Biomolecular Sciences and Engineering)

josh.kenchel at

Yei-Chen Lai, PhD (chemistry)

Postdoctoral Research Abroad Program Fellow

ylai at

Just something we threw together